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                         Engineering for Your Classroom

Professional Development


All of our professional development services focus on working with teachers to incorporate more Engineering Design and project-based learning into their classrooms and practices. We work hard to avoid a “layering on” approach. Our working motto is that real change in education needs to be “evolutionary not revolutionary” and that success comes from capitalizing on your strengths. Contact us today to learn how we can support your educators and help them to engineer new learning experiences for their students.




ProjectEngin offers customized interactive workshops.  Our approach is to provide educators with activities and resources that they can implement immediately. Participants gain access to a range of online resources and, if desired, ongoing support. We design our workshops to fit your scheduling needs using either a half, full, or multi-day format. We believe that Engineering is the connecting word in STEM and STEAM initiatives and that it can provide a valuable springboard for multi- and trans-disciplinary learning. We have successfully developed and implemented workshops that support the inclusion of Engineering Design in a wide range of disciplines at all grade levels. Our workshops are custom designed for groups that range in size from individual schools to district, diocese, and professional societies.

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Recent Workshops include:

  •   Using the Engineering Design Process in Your Classroom
  •   EngineerGOOD: Engineering with Global View
  •   Developing Creativity and Divergent Thinking in Science Classes
  •   Engage Your Inner Engineer
  •  Process Matters: Effective Use of an Engineering Notebook
  •  Effective Assessment Techniques for STEM and STEAM Projects
  •  Project-based Learning in the STEM and STEAM Classroom
  •   Engineering: The Secret to Unlocking the NGSS
  •   E is the Key: Engineering Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment in Your Classroom
  •   Nature is the Best Engineer: Biomimicry and Engineering Design
  •   Engineering Happily Ever After: Engineering and Children’s Literature

While we believe that Engineering Design can play a key role in a wide range of classrooms and subjects, we also realize that many schools opt to begin new initiatives with one or two faculty members. In order to support individual teachers from a number of schools, we are launching a series of 1-3 day workshops at various locations throughout the US. These workshops are designed to provide teachers with the resources they need to implement Engineering Design projects in their classrooms along with training to help them become internal advocates on their own faculties. Educators who join us for one of our workshops are also invited to join our online PLC and are often given the opportunity to pilot new projects and curriculum for us at no cost.  In addition, participants in regional workshops leave with a complete Engineering Design curriculum module. Contact us for information on our regional workshop schedule or check out our What’s New (can we put a hyperlink to the What’s New page here?) page for more details.


Onsite Coaching – We often work with educators in their classrooms, helping them to implement projects based on Engineering Design challenges. Having a real-time resource with experience in student-led learning can be the key to successful change. Most of our coaching experiences lead to ongoing mentorships with teachers and typically provide a school with an internal “expert”.

Conference and pre-Conference Workshops – We specialize in interactive learning experiences designed to help teachers maximize the E in STEM. Contact us to learn how we can be effective part of your conference experience.