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Our “product” is focused on enabling your teachers to implement the engineering design process in their classrooms. And that is where we prefer to work. Our research and experience indicates that large workshops and professional presentations , no matter how engaging, may not translate easily into new classroom practices and paradigms. Each class, each teacher, each topic is different. Every teacher who has heard of an exciting new approach at a workshop or conference has had the experience of walking into the reality of day-to-day classroom life and the return to the same way of doing things. Real-time resources needed for change are never in place.

Our preferred approach to developing our product is as a neutral co-teacher or coach.
The end result is a re-engineered science curriculum designed to meets the needs of 21st century learners and desired curriculum standards, including the NGSS. We meet with teachers interested in using more of an engineered approach and learn about their classes and their philosophy. After several days of in-class observation and meetings, we will develop projects to fit their classroom environment and curriculum needs. Once the engineering design project is fully developed and mapped to all appropriate standards, we will return to act as an in-class resource during implementation.

Our experience is that this approach is engaging and effective enough that most teachers quickly become advocates for future engineering design projects. We continue to provide assistance as teachers work to develop their projects. Our wide range of contacts allows us to facilitate access to national and local industry experts, educational IT support personnel, technical writing specialists, as well as art and music experts if you are interested in a STEAM project.