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“Developing an Introductory Engineering Course a for LaSallian High Schools” LaSallian Huether Conference, Cincinnati, OH   November 2010

“Encouraging Creativity in Engineering” International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA) Conference, Minneapolis, MN,  March 2011

“Incorporating “Engineering” Thinking into Traditional Math and Science Curriculum” ITEEA  Conference, Long Beach,  CA ,  March 2012

“Re-Engineering Physics”   Academy of Singapore Teachers, Singapore, March 2013

“Introducing Engineering Design Projects in Physics Class” Fulbright Sharing Session, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Singapore, May 2013

“Redesigning Teaching Science”   School of Science and Technology, Singapore, July 2013

Fulbright Alumni Panel, Washington DC, August 2013

“Engineering a Better World” LaSallian Huether Conference, New Orleans, LA,   November 2013

“Engineering Design Projects in Science Courses; Experiences in Singapore and the United States” Rhode Island Science Teachers Association Conference, Providence, RI, February 2014

“Using Engineering Design Projects in Physics Courses” National Science Teachers Association Conference Boston, MA,  April 2014

“A Modular Approach to Using the Engineering Design Process in Secondary Science Curriculum; Experiences in Singapore and the United States”  Publication pending Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference, Madrid October 2014

“How to ReEngineer High School Science” draft copy Part 1 (Work in progress)

“The Use of Engineering Projects to Include Ethics, Values and Global Citizenship Issues in Science Curriculum” Teachers Conference 2014, Singapore, June 2014

“From Micro to Macro: How Microstructure Affects Macroscopic Properties” National Educators Workshop, Seattle, WA, November 2014

“Engineering: The NGSS and Beyond…” RI Science Teachers Association, Providence, RI, March 2015

“Engineering Innovative STEM Curriculum”, Keynote Speech, Danish National Science Teachers Conference, Roskilde, Denmark, March 2015

“Building a Better World: Engineering Disaster-Proof Housing” ASEE K-12 Workshop, Seattle, WA, June 2015 Entire Lesson plan available on the ASEE website http://teachers.egfi-k12.org/disaster-proof-housing/

“Engage Your Inner Engineer - The Evolution from Science to Engineering in the STEM Classroom” STEM Think Tank, Nashville, TN July 2015