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The ProjectEngin philosophy is simpleā€¦ the most effective learning occurs through doing. Decades of research and practice, even the very development of civilization, support this fundamental idea. Recent STEM initiatives and the Next Generation Science Standards highlight the application of science and math in engineering. It is a natural fit. We believe that Engineering can be an invaluable asset to teachers working to evolve traditional content based courses to meet the skills driven world of the 21st century, one project at a time. Meaningful change in the classroom works best when it is evolutionary not revolutionary, modifying and improving models that are already in place. Everyone learns more when we work with the personnel, community and equipment resources you already have.

At ProjectEngin, we operate from the premise that each class is far from a blank slate. Teachers know every class is different and every student contributes a unique component to that environment. We design projects to tap into and leverage the wide range of knowledge, talent and skills present in every classroom. We view everyone as a learner, students and teachers alike. And we firmly believe that the most meaningful learning is active and should be thought of as a collaborative adventure that involves everyone in the room making connections to the real world. Changes in classroom practices and culture evolve over time, not as the result of short workshops or conferences. What you already have is invaluable; let us help you take it to the next level as you educate the future problem-solvers of the 21st century.