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Free Workshop Offer

We are working hard to get the word out – Engineering is the key to a better STEM learning experience for you and your students.
We are so convinced of this that we are offering interested teachers a chance to win a free one-day workshop to help us spread the word!

We have developed lots of new workshop and curriculum materials in the past year and we are committed to reaching as many educators as possible. All of our student and teacher feedback indicates that the inclusion of Engineering Design in K-12 STEM classrooms generates enthusiasm, engagement, and more mastery through application. We want to make the opportunity to create a better learning environment available to even more schools. Tell us more about what you teach and the role of STEM in your school and you will be entered to win a one-day workshop for up to 50 teachers.

Our workshops stress Engineering Design Thinking and ways to develop projects based on the Engineering Design Process. Many of our activities and curriculum modules focus on global issues and are designed to increase world-view and cultural empathy. All of our workshops are interactive and are designed to insure that everyone leaves with materials and ideas that can immediately be used in the classroom.

Fill in the online form at the link below by May 26th and we will enter you in the drawing for our totally free one-day workshop. We want to learn more about you and we hope that you will win the opportunity to learn more about us! 

Click HERE to access the form


    Terms and Conditions 
  • You must submit the form by midnight 5/26/17.
  • We will announce and notify the winner by 6/2/17.
  • We will only include one entrant per school in the drawing.
  • Your workshop must be scheduled between 8/1/17 and 9/7/17; the date will be mutually agreed upon by the school and ProjectEngin.
  • All travel costs to any school in the Continental United States are covered. If a school in another region wins, travel costs will be negotiated.
  • The actual workshop is 5 hours long; we ask that you schedule it from 9 am to 3 pm to allow for breaks/lunch. We do not provide any refreshments.
  • We supply any handouts and resources electronically. Your school is responsible for distribution of electronic copies and/or hard copies. All faculty and staff must agree to honor our copyrights.