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At ProjectEngin we believe that true learning happens through innovative and multi-faceted applications. We continually look for ways to reinforce what you teach with real-world applications. The rapid pace of technological change and the wide range of local and global problems that need engineered solutions provides an ever-evolving basis for new ideas. Some of the programs, projects and presentations we have “in the works” include:

• ProjectEngin’s middle school life science STEAM curriculum will be implemented as an enrichment course this fall. Contact us to learn more about great connections between engineering, life sciences, and design.

• Ann was the keynote speaker at the Danish National Science Teachers Conference (Big Bang) in March. Sponsored by Engineer the Future Dk, she spoke to 1200 Danish educators about the need for more engineering in STEM courses and the benefits of making connections to the designed world. The workshop she also conducted at the conference gave Danish teachers some easy to implement ideas for re-engineering their classes and initiated some ongoing dialogue with Danish colleagues. In addition, Ann was interviewed by a number of Danish publications and was a guest at a luncheon for education policy makers.

• In conjunction with a local school, ProjectEngin is developing a full year three year middle school STEM curriculum, mapped to NGSS cross-cutting concepts and practices, and committed to a strong design and project-based focus. Grades 6 and 7 will debut this fall, with Grade 8 scheduled to be implemented in September 2016.

• We are committed to the ongoing development of a high school level Materials Science curriculum. Initial units focusing on the links between microstructure and macroscopic properties have been piloted in Chemistry classes. Students showed better understanding of atomic structure, bonding, kinetics, and physical properties. The students were invited to present and discuss their experience at a PBL conference this past spring. ProjectEngin and the collaborating teacher have been asked to prepare lesson and activity materials for inclusion in a peer-reviewed national materials education database.

• We are continuing to compile fully mapped out case studies to facilitate problem-based learning in science class. Some of the topics we are focusing on include engineered foods, water rights, structural failures, and artificial intelligence.

• Our ongoing commitment to increasing global awareness is the cornerstone of our “Building a Better World” curriculum. The first completed module was presented at the ASEE K-12 workshop in Seattle and can be found on the ASEE website at http://teachers.egfi-k12.org/disaster-proof-housing/. Additional units are in development and we are reaching out to international partners and arts educators to create a robust curriculum grounded in human-centered design, cultural empathy, and a global view.

• We are also keeping up with the trends in global STEM education as a sponsored presenter at the Asia Society’s Global Education Forum at the University of Pennsylvania in October.

• As part of our continuing goal of increasing the number of girls interested in STEM careers, Ann recently conducted a workshop at the STEM Think Tank, sponsored by the national Center for STEM Education for Girls. We are also continuing our efforts to highlight STEM opportunities and challenges for girls.

• We are working with a large and diverse group of middle and high school educators in New Jersey to launch a collaborative effort to include some Engineering projects in their science and math courses. 55 educators will meet for the second of two workshops in September with the goal of leaving with a fully developed project. In addition, an online support and exchange platform has been developed as the first part of a planned PLC.

• June 2014, Ann joined other invited speakers as a Top Overseas Teacher at the 2014 Teachers Conference in Singapore. The conference theme was the inclusion of values across the curriculum. A copy of Ann’s talk can be found under Presentations.

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