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                         Engineering for Your Classroom





Inclusion of Engineering Design in the K-12 classroom enables teachers to bring real world issues into the curriculum. All of the EngineerGOOD modules relate to one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on issues such as housing, access to clean water, reliable infrastructure, energy needs, and sustainability. EngineerGOOD projects focus on developing cultural empathy to guide the use of appropriate technology in addressing global engineering challenges. The relatively low-tech nature of appropriate technology makes it accessible and understandable to students, encouraging them to "think globally, act locally". The curricular content of the projects and activities ranges from understanding the key imperatives of a culture and a place to the economics of developing technology and the scientific concepts embodied in the challenge and the solution. Middle and high school versions of each module are available.


  • Teacher guides and resources
  • Activities and worksheets tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Student documents and graphic organizers
  • ProjectEngin's copyrighted Engineering Notebook
  • Mapped to NGSS and Common Core math standards
  • Systems thinking focus, highlighting impacts and connections
  • Modular design allows customization of content, level, and time requirements
  • Project planning materials
  • Summative and formative assessment guides and rubrics



    Our comprehensive training program and project materials enable teachers to implement any of the EngineerGOOD modules right away. Training consists of two full days. Schools with multiple teachers generally opt for an onsite workshop. We also offer centrally located workshops for individual teachers. Subsequent to training, teacher licenses provide online access to all curriculum materials. The initial licensing cost is $299 per individual with an annual renewal fee of $99. This provides access to four 12 -16 lesson modules with the option to select two additional modules in Year 2. Training costs depend on your needs and scheduling options. Contact us for a full proposal.